Upon receipt of an assignment, background information is developed from a wide range of national database/information services. This enables us to proceed with an efficient and cost effective field investigation. Our managers give clients frequent updates via e-mail and/or telephone to ensure each surveillance assignment is professionally handled to completion. We perform a quality assurance review of all reports, video and other documents prior to electronic delivery of the final product to your desktop. Our surveillance team consists of the most highly skilled investigative professionals in the industry. We maintain comprehensive training and continuing education operatives. Investigators are equipped with digital recorders, audio recorders and body cameras, insuring precise and effective evidence. Our report format offers description of all information developed and can be tailored to accommodate your preferences.

Ver-Fi surveillance
Veri-Fi Additional Services
Veri spi

24/7 Video Monitoring to identify and track claimant activity patterns before deploying Investigators to the field.


Spot Check Surveillance provides our client with an update on claimant activity three times after initial surveillance.


GPS Location tracking for our surveillance investigators while they are in the field.